Land of Talk Cloak and Cipher

Recording an album can be a liberating and creative experience and it can also be exhausting, hard work. Hours spent cooped up in a small room with a time limit can leave one feeling “burnt out” Liz Powell told AUX in an exclusive interview about Land of Talk’s new album Cloak And Cipher, out August 24th on Saddle Creek. Powell describes the recording process of their sophomore full-length with Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek as being intuitive. “I love Jace…Basically, he’s my producer, studio go-to guy.”

“We’re very similar” Powell continued from a tour stop in Toronto, “We don’t really have to talk about things, we just do it. He’s just very intuitive for me, personally. It’s better that way because I’m not very articulate. He just knows all our records and he’s hilarious which makes it lots of fun. Sometimes a little too much fun.”

Despite the great relationship, hours spent perfecting the ten track follow up in Montreal’s Breakglass began to give Jace and Powell studio fever.

“We were trying to record a song and we were just cracking each other up so hard that we just ended up doing a whole vocal take of me freestyle rapping and he was in the control room, interrupting me and dropping in like another MC. That’s what we honestly spent two hours doing; pretty embarrassing! But sometimes you just get so burnt out that you just need a different perspective to freshen things up. Sometimes we get a little zany. We’ll shoot a little short film or something but we just need to rein it in and focus!”

Is there a potential hip-hop career in Powell’s future?

“Spoiler alert, I’m already in a hip hop band! We’ll drop the album at some point. After 2012, if the world still exists”.

Cloak And Cipher track list:

1. Cloak and Cipher
2. Goaltime Exposure
3. Quarry Hymns
4. Swift Coi
5. Color Me Badd
6. The Hate I Won’t Commit
7. Hamburg
8. Blangee Blee
9. Playita
10. Better and Closer

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