Thunderheist’s Isis Salam has been crafting a solo project for quite some time now and here’s a taste of her new sound. Warning, it’s nothing like her previous work so don’t expect to hear a sequel to “Jerk It”. Instead we have “In the Beginning w/ Stars” featuring guest vocals from Toronto’s Gentleman Reg.

The track is a dream-pop love song that Salam admits is not dedicated to anyone at the moment. On her Bandcamp page she writes: “Yes this is a love song… to who… I dont yet know. I know it;s short and I like to stretch this one out at my live shows. It’s a nice song to get lost in.”

Salam’s vocals are more gospel than party girl on “In the Beginning w/ Stars” and the guitars take a cue from the likes of Beach House. Definitely different but a welcome new direction for the solo artist.

Listen to the track here:

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