Songs About Coffee: The Tim Hortons Playlist

by Barry Taylor

January 12, 2011






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January 12!  If today is your birthday, you’re in great company. Rob Zombie is celebrating his 46th today. Zach de la Rocha and Wu Tang’s Raekwon are both 41. Matthew Wong of Reel Big Fish is 38. Spice Girl Mel C is 37 and Kris Roe of the Ataris is 33.

But for those of us living in the great white north, the most recognizable name on the January 12 Wikipedia Birth Page is TIM HORTON. There isn’t a single living Canadian who doesn’t know what a timbit is. Even young Justin Bieber pimps the place when he’s home.

In honor of the late Leaf blue-liner and coffee drinkers everywhere, we present to you: THE TIM HORTONS PLAYLIST

“Coffee Song” by Jars of Clay

Lots of great songs have been written about coffee, from the likes of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Blur, and Otis Redding. But the most appropriate jam for today’s list comes courtesy of Jars of Clay; not only because it’s a great song but like Mr. Horton, the band’s lead singer Dan Haseltine entered this world on January 12.

“Double Double” by Dr Nico Josky

Have you ever used the term ‘double double’ in a coffee franchise that wasn’t a Tim Hortons? Then you’ve been looked at like you just spit on their floor. Sorry, just give me grande frappy. Here’s $20.

“Stir It Up” by Bob Marley

While the staff at Tim Horton’s are some of the finest baristas north of Columbia (natch), they’re only human. The crowds at Tim’s can be overwhelming and sometimes the folks behind the counter forget to grab that lone spoon sitting by the machine to mix the cup of joe. Fortunately, stir sticks are available.

“The Doughnut Song” by Tori Amos

Tori Amos is currently writing the music for an upcoming Royal National Theatre production in London. Samuel Adamson’s musical adaptation of the George MacDonald story the Light Princess is scheduled to open in 2012.

“Rolled Up” by Long Beach Dub Allstars

Everyone loves free muffins, including the Long Beach Dub All Stars. Thanks to the roll up the rim campaign, those free muffins become more and more attainable by simply chewing off the top of your cup.

“Piano Sonata No 14 in A Minor op. 143 D784: Allegro Giusto (1)” by Tim Horton


In Canada, our guys named Tim Horton play professional hockey and start giant coffee franchises. In England, they’re classically trained pianists. But when you break it down there’s really no comparison:

English Tim Horton: performed with the Liverpool Philharmonic, Bournemouth Symphony, and Trondheim Symphony orchestras and the Brimingham Contemporary Music Group.

Canadian Tim Horton: Played 24 seasons in the NHL with the Leafs, Rangers, Penguins, and Sabers.

English Tim Horton: Recital appearances in Tilburg, Holland, at the Schumannhaus in Bonn and throughout the UK.

Canadian Tim Horton: 7-time NHL All Star.

English Tim Horton: Chosen as the 2005 scholar of the Ruhr Klavier Festival, an honor which includes a recital at the festival.

Canadian Tim  Horton: Invented the timbit. Check. Mate.

“Tim Bits” by Dave Douglas

According to, Dave Douglas is arguably one of the most prolific trumpet-composers of his generation. Douglas alleges that this song was written in dedication to fellow jazz musician Tim Berne, but what most insiders will tell you is that it’s his affection for sour cream glaze that inspired the piece.

“The Timmy’s Anthem” by the Nelsons

There’s no shortage of Tim’s songs on Youtube. You’ve got your Tim Horton’s Jig, there’s the Drive Thru Song, Thom Barker posted his classic tribute and  Abbie and Megan added their rendition too.

However today is Tim Horton’s birthday. Songs are great, but this celebration requires an anthem.  Enter the father/son duo of Brad and Robert Nelson.

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