Woodhands have been playing new, more danceable songs at their most recent live shows, but none of the recorded material has surfaced until now. Earlier today, vocalist and synth player Daniel Werb posted on the CBC Radio 3 blog a demo of a song tentatively titled “No Shame,” which will be on the Primitive Man EP the duo (including Paul Banwatt, also of the Rural Alberta Advantage) are currently working on. The post includes a call to fans, asking for feedback.

“It’s early days still but we’re experimenting with a new sound and new recording techniques,” Werb wrote. “So, despite being hella nervous about sharing unfinished music at this early stage, we figured we’d steady our nerves and let R3 listeners participate in our process. We promise that we’ll take all your comments into the studio with us and use them to help us make awesome music.

“It is really, really rough and this version comes from an early stage in the recording process. But as you can hear, it’s a bit of a change in direction for us. Do you like this crazy new sound? How could we make it better? Fire away! But remember – we’re humans with feelings.”

(You know who else has feelings? AUX, who was left out of the latest voting round of CBC’s Searchlight contest for best music website. It’s okay though, we still feel the love. Thanks for voting!)

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