It’s been too long since we’ve seen an old-fashioned celebrity feud on Twitter (a day, maybe two), and because we love living vicariously through the drama of others, imagine our surprise when we saw a conversation between Black Keys‘ drummer Patrick Carney and Ke$ha (about shrimp?) turn into major beef between he and Lady Gaga‘s legion of fans. Here’s how it started:

To which Patrick replied:


Needless to say, the Little Monsters weren’t jazzed, so they gave Carney their feedback. Likely in an attempt to boost his confidence and feelings of self-worth.

To which Patrick replied:

Only to receive:

And about a million others like it that he keeps retweeting much to our delight. Personally, it’s the use of the above :F (vampire fangs?) that we find most offensive.

And so the war rages on. Whether Mama Monster herself will step up to challenge the Red Lobster-loving Patrick Carney remains a mystery, but until then, we can only imagine that the retaliation faced by the Black Keys drummer is causing immense damage to his psyche. Now go get Ke$ha that drink.

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