Broken Social Scene’s rigorous, worldwide touring schedule in support of last year’s Forgiveness Rock Record will slowly grind to a halt this fall after a short trek around the US with TV on the Radio, but drummer Justin Peroff won’t be taking much time to relax.

The BSS drummer has revealed to AUX that he’s started a new project with two members of The Stills, who announced their abrupt break up in April. The new band, called Eight And A Half, features Peroff on drums, Dave Hamelin on guitar and Liam O’Neil handling synth duties.

Surprisingly, Peroff says the trio had begun writing songs together well before The Stills decided to call it quits.

“Dave and Liam are some of my best friends,” he says. “We started making music long before The Stills broke up. And [the breakup] just sort of excelled the completion, because The Stills weren’t writing in the studio. They weren’t active at all. Dave moved to Toronto, so that made things easier, and Liam was in Toronto helping to engineer the new Metric record. So we were all in Toronto at the same time.”

Peroff noted that the band’s self-produced debut album was recorded at Giant Studio on Ossington Avenue in Toronto, the space built by Metric’s Jimmy Shaw and Sebastien Grainger of Death From Above 1979.

The record, which is being mixed by Grammy nominated mixer/producer John O’Mahony, will appear early next year via Arts & Crafts (duh), but when asked about the band’s sound, Peroff was somewhat vague: “I don’t know, to be quite honest with you. It’s not even really rock ‘n’ roll. It’s got rock sensibilities, it’s got pop sensibilities. It’s very synth driven, but not in a 2007 electro way. It’s pretty heavy.”

Nothing like an exceedingly abstract description like that to pique our collective interest. Look out for single and video activity from Eight And A Half to heat up once Broken Social Scene finally quit hanging out on the tour bus and resume hanging out at each other’s houses.

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