News came out today that Lily Allen is just about done writing songs for her upcoming Bridget Jones musical.

In other news, Lily Allen is apparently writing songs for a Bridget Jones musical stage show.

It may not be a new album, but at a time when the sassy songstress is known as much for her superfluous third nipple as she is her music, anything is something. As Allen tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “I’m still writing. I’m just writing for other people. I’ve nearly finished a musical. I think it’ll be out sometime next year.”

The stage adaptation is written by original Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding and, if history teaches us anything, Allen’s songs will be the only things sour enough to replace Renee Zellweger’s sucked-on-a-lemon scowl. But what about Hugh Grant’s bumble-footed charm? Only time will tell. [via Paste]

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