Here is some news reporting on the news: Redman made the cover of the New York Times this weekend, not for anything music related, but for buying fireworks in Pennsylvania.

Just as we celebrated our country’s birthday on Friday, America had their day yesterday, and so this past weekend the NYT was reporting on the un-banning of fireworks in some U.S. states. According to the article, “sparklers and a few other small-time fireworks” are all that are permitted in Pennsylvania, but out of state shoppers can, apparently, go mad. Redman lives in New Jersey, where the sale of fireworks is still banned.

“My father took me to buy fireworks, and now I’m doing it for my kids. I can see the dangers they are trying to prevent, but it’s still happening.”

With that cart full (full) of fireworks, it’s safe to say it sure is. [via NYT]

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