Last year’s Halloween Mask Blowout was so much fun that we thought we’d do it again. The concept is simple: why spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a costume when you could just print out one of our flimsy masks, tape it to a piece of cardboard, and string it around your mug. It’s fool proof. And, as a special treat, this year’s edition comes with two COUPLES MASKS, just in case you and your beau are Halloweenie roasting on a budget.


Prove you’re all about the he-said-she-said bullshit and not about the nookie with this mask of everybody’s favourite Jacksonville Jaguars fan. We know the hat is black, but we think it sets the mood, okay?



Get those arms wide open and prepare for kamikaze hug attacks (or something) with this mask donning the mug of donkey rock letharios Scott Stapp. For added fun, have a friend join you in wearing the Creed frontman’s face and join in on re-enacting the “My Sacrifice” music video. For the uninitiated, that’s the one where Stapp rescues himself from drowning.


Tom Waits put out his first album of new music in seven years this week and to celebrate the triumph that is Bad As Me why not down a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes and cookie-monster yourself to all the finest inner-city happenings? In all seriousness though, don’t down a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes. That’d be gross.


Lady MadonnaGaga

Can’t decide which pop songstress you’d rather tear up the town as? With this monstrosity of a mask you don’t have to! Hide your poker face behind our messy mash-up of “Frozen”-era Madonna and a more conventional Gaga hair-do is bound to make you the scariest face at any Halloween function.


Devin Townsend’s penchant for face-making is well documented (click here for his infamous derp face), but the playful Canadian metal icon has done many an intense performance in his day and this face exemplifies just how terrifying he can be when he feels like it. Coming off of a quadrilogy of albums ranging from acoustic new age to cheeseburger-themed extreme metal, this mask speaks to the scariest side of Townsend’s many shades.



In what could be the greatest phenomenon of the internet age, rapper Gucci Mane got an ice cream cone tattooed on his face last January and yet almost a full tenth months later we seemed to only be able to find this one picture of it. Sure, he spent some time in psychiatric care in the interim, but he who recently re-tweeted himself hasn’t fallen totally off the map. Don’t do what this girl did: instead, prove you live life cool as ice by wearing a face with an ice-cream cone it on your face. Admit it: you’re tempted.



Thanks to AUX, you and your significant other can show your love for each other this Halloween by masking up as everyone’s favourite tween-age power couple (bronze paint and Canada goose not included). Hold hands, skip down the street, and serenade one another. Just remember: keep it PG-13.



Hip-hop’s Romeo and Juliet (minus the awkward suicide mix-up) will probably be spending this Halloween indoors baby-proofing the nursery, so it’s up to you and yours to represent. Wear Beyoncé’s face on your face and spend the night stuffing and unstuffing your shirt with the nearest basketball: it’s both topical and hilarious!


Rumour has it that a hero can save us, and Chad Kroeger’s not one to stand idly by. Dress up as everyone’s favourite Canadian this Halloween, fight some crime (don’t do this) and show the world why wrestling fans and Nascar enthusiasts alike are making Nickelback’s upcoming album the most hotly anticipated thing since the double down.

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