You gotta love the Roots, who’ve kept their promise to release a new Undun teaser video every Tuesday until the album’s release with today’s unveiling of “Sleep,” an ominous few minutes that casts the story’s hooded protagonist (??) as the eyes watching over a murderous city. “Sleep” is the fourth teaser put out for Undun; head here and here to see the other two. The album drops December 6th.

In lighter, more hilarious Roots related news, the band fulfilled their duties as Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night house band with flying colours last night when they played a cover of Fishbone’s “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” for politician Michele Bachmann’s walk on music. Could it have been better than the time they played King Diamond for Abigail Breslin’s walk-out? No. But it’s surprisingly close! As for how Fallon took the stunt, the Late Night host tweeting this morning that Questlove is “grounded”.

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