Professional wrestler The Iron Sheik has really taken to Twitter. Since joining in August of 2009, the 80’s WWF villain has posted over 2500 tweets. Most of them are about the size of nemesis (and almost Metallica member) Hulk Hogan’s genitalia and his favourite show, the Bachelor, but Sheiky has recently turned his attention to another medium. Since the Grammys and the death of Whitney Houston, he’s been dedicating a fair amount of his Twitter energy to music, sharing his unique insights on today’s most popular artists, trolling others and, well, still managing to bring up the Hulk Hogan.

Here’s what the Iron Sheik has to say about some of his favourite musicians, and a lot more of his least favourites.

Bon Iver:

Lady Gaga:

Katy Perry:

Chris Brown:



Kings of Leon:

Chris Brown and CM Punk:

Snoop Dog:

John Stamos:

Whitney Houston:

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