Scion A/V is doing great things in the metal community, and the newly announced Melvins EP The Bulls and the Bees is just the latest in the car sponsored label’s growing discography.

Consequence of Sound reports that the EP will be a full-fledged Melvins release (and not an album by the band’s softer, newly formed Melvins Lite offshoot) and that it’ll be put up as a free download on March 13th.

Founding member Buzz Osbourne says the EP is “amazing in its noisy calm intensity.” So in other words, it’s a new Melvins release.

Check above for the cover art, and below for its 5-song tracklisting

01. The War on Wisdom
02. We Are Doomed
03. Friends Before Larry
04. A Really Long Wait
05. National Hamster

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