In case you missed the 54th annual Grammy Awards (or our intermittent tweeting on the show) last night, in brief, Adele made a clean sweep, Whitney Houston was missed, Nicki Minaj confused, and Chris Brown outraged.

Adele was nominated for six awards and took ‘em all home, including the night’s top honours for Album of the Year. Her acceptance speeches were marked by genuine surprise, self-deprecation, gratitute, and her now famous snot, which made an appearance when she couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. She also returned to the stage and received a giddy, appreciative standing ovation for her rendition of “Rolling In the Deep,” which was a bit shaky, but justifiably so, after having had throat surgery.

Kanye West also took the awards in all four categories he was nominated (all rap categories), though he didn’t attend, and the Foo Fighters were a recurring presence on the show, performing twice (once proper, again with Deadmau5) and winning five awards because the world still loves a nice rock band.

In a continuing trend, performances took up the majority of the night, and some others worth noting were Nicki Minaj’s elaborate religious theatrics (the Pope! An exorcism!), Jennifer Hudson’s simple, stunning Whitney Houston tribute, and the truly bizzarre Beach Boys/Foster the People/Maroon 5 collaboration.

And Bon Iver, winning two awards, including the Best New Artist trophy (which was, soberingly, won by Amy Winehouse just four years ago, something we were reminded of when seeing her in this year’s memorial reel), inspired the immediate launch of Who Is Bon Iver Tumblr, a continuance of the joke around Arcade Fire’s Album of the Year win last year.

Read the full list of winners here.

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