In keeping with the excitement over the recent Le Tigre tour documentary Who Took the Bomp, the band has just released a brand new live EP titled Le Tigre Live!!!, available on iTunes now.

“Me and my friend Andre (amazing engineer) mixed these 7 songs from Le Tigre’s 2004-2005 World Tour and as a band we are really excited to release something besides our dvd that portrays our live sound,” singer Kathleen Hanna says on her blog. “Now you can feel like you’re in the front row of our show while you’re in your car, vacuming or waiting for the Subway.”

Funnily, some of the tracks were deemed explicit by iTunes, “cuz we sing about feminists having to go through a lot of “bullshit”. Hahaha.” says Hanna, before adding that the disclaimer makes her proud.

Grab the EP over here.

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