Since My Bloody Valentine fans have been waiting for practically ever to hear the band’s long-planned reissues, the fact that two different reissues of their classic 1991 album Loveless are available for streaming today is cause for a party. Of the listening variety.

The first was newly mastered from the original tape. The second was taken from the original half-inch analogue tapes and will be included as a second CD. According to the Guardian, Kevin Shields had previously completed this version, but it was never released (sounds about right).

A remastered version of Isn’t Anything is also due out this month, as well as a new compilation of the first four EPs and some rare and unreleased stuff, EPs 1988-1991. Check out both Loveless remasters below. [Guardian]

The first, mastered from the original tape:

The second, mastered from original 1/2 inch analogue tapes:

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