Dirk Nowitzki is a marvellous athlete. He’s an NBA superstar; an unrivalled, one of a kind jump shooting big man. And according to this video posted on Stereogum, he’s not half bad at the tambourine.

If you’re confused, here’s what happened: last night Dirk went to see the Avett Brothers in Grand Prairie, Texas, when they pulled him on stage. He shouldn’t be hard to spot in the above video, given that he’s a bout a foot taller than everyone else.

Of course basketball fans know this isn’t Dirk’s first foray into music. Who could forget Dirk’s rousing rendition of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” at least year’s Dallas Mavericks championship rally? Or when he did it again at the ESPYs? Better yet, that time he and a young Steve Nash sang in the Mavericks locker room? Might Dirk have a new career lined up for when he eventually retires?

No. Probably not, actually.

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