Have you ever wondered what pop stars would look like if they were working class, regular folk like you and me? What if they didn’t have the time or money to hire personal trainers, nutritionists, make-up artists, and stylists? What if Fergie never really hit it big with the Black Eyed Peas, and spent the rest of her life as an aging Vegas cocktail waitress?

Lucky for us, Planet Hiltron has made it easy for us to imagine these scenarios, through their Celebrity Make-Unders Photoshop series.

Feast your eyes on these Photoshop marvels, and see these celebrities stripped of their lavish lifestyles, by way of these doctored simulacrums. Mega hat-tip to Planet Hiltron for these magical works of art.

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga

J-Lo & Marc Anthony


The Simpsons

Britney Spears


Hilary Duff

Skeletor Madonna

Mariah Carey

Miley Cyrus

The Carters

The Kardashians

Be sure to check out Planet Hiltron for more non-musical Celebrity Make-Unders, including Jennifer Anniston, Johnny Depp, Oprah, The Situation, and more.

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