Manowar have long declared themselves the Kings of Metal, and with their songs of glory, might, and so forth, it’s a claim their fans have fully subscribed to. Their latest album, The Lord of Steel, is their first canonical album in years, and while it’s far from their best, it is the first in a long time that’s actually fun to listen to. And so we thought, why not get drunk to it?

There’s perhaps no better band suited to a drinking game than Manowar—every song checks off a laundry list of words, and the band once held a Viking horn drinking competition at their own fan convention. Yeah, they’ve got their own fan convention. What of it. Confused by any of the rules? Don’t worry, we’ve included a little player below with some examples of what to look for. Drink safe, don’t drive, have fun and DON’T FORGET TO SALUTE THE GODS OF METAL WITH THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER!


  • Is this song a reference to something they’ve done in the past? Finish your drink and crack open another.
  • Any time you can’t tell the bass from the guitar, take a sip.
  • Did Eric Adams just sing something that started and ended with reference to a sword? If so, drink.
    • Do you think he meant his dick? Drink again.
    • If so, we should point out he’s 58. You’re probably going to want to finish that drink, right?
  • During “Manowarriors,” have a sip whenever the band says “metal”. Have two when they say “heavy metal”. Assuming you’ll finish your drink mid-way through the track, open another. Make sure whatever you’re drinking is finished by the end of the song.
  • Have you made it to “Righteous Glory“? Have you passed out yet? No? Have some water. Go to the bathroom. That song sucks, and we both know you’ve earned it.
  • Did the band just get confused by its own metaphor? If so, and you’re drinking with a friend, have a sip of theirs instead.
  • If they’re singing instructions at you (stand and fight, raise your hammer, etc), do it to the best of your ability. Then drink.
    • Oh, and hammers? That’s probably another euphemism. Drink again
  • Speaking of hammers, any time they’re mentioned, along with references to glory, steel, power or thunder, have a sip. We can’t stress this enough: it has to be a sip. You will otherwise die.
  • Did they just randomly mention an animal? Two sips if it can fly. Three if it’s a wolf.
  • Is the song galloping? Is Eric Adams whisper singing? Drink slowly until they both stop.
  • Was that the sound of thunder? A church bell? Or a choir? Yes. It was. Have a sip and pretend you’re not impressed.

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