The meme-barons at BuzzFeed were treated to a tour of the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday, where the MTV Video Music Awards will take place tomorrow evening at 8pm EST.

The stars of popular music will certainly be out in full force tomorrow, as can be seen in the snapshots BuzzFeed took of the VMA celebrity seating charts. Depending on who you’re seated beside, these award shows have the potential to be hella-awkward when you’re one of the beautiful people.

We’re veritable social butterflies here at Pop Hunter, so we decided to give these seating charts a gander, and provide some cordial icebreakers for any potentially awkward pairings.

All photos by by Whitney Jefferson/Buzzfeed & Andrew Gauthier/Buzzfeed.

Missy Franklin: “Hey Chris Brown, let’s compare biceps.”
Chris Brown: “Please don’t hurt me.”

Gotye: “–Please stop.”

Tyler, The Creator: “Hey, can you guys teach me how to rock the pummel-horse?”
Gabby Douglas: “I NEED AN ADULT.”

Lil Wayne: “I miss you, Sweezy.”
Taylor Swift: “I told you Wayne, we are never ever getting back together.”

The Situation: “We got a situation here. Apparently we’re no longer famous enough to be within arms reach of actual celebrities.”

Miley Cyrus: “O-M-G, I totally looooved Channel Orange.”
Frank Ocean: “Thanks, Robyn. I’m a big fan of your work.”

Chord Overstreet: “Wait, who am I? And why is my name so stupid?”

Miley Cyrus: “O-M-G, I totally loooooove ‘Goldie’!”
A$AP Rocky: “Who let this enchanted woodland faerie into the VMAs?”

Emma Watson: “Aren’t these muggle ceremonies absolutely dreadful?”
Skrillex: “Uhh, I’m not a magical creature.”
Emma Watson: “Oh, I thought you were a gargoyle.”

Katy Perry: “I get the feeling that they only put me here because they’re hoping Chris Brown will hurl a champagne bottle at Drake, and it’ll hit me instead.”
Drake: “Yeah, to be honest, that’s what I was thinking.”
Rihanna: “Makes sense.”

[via Buzz Feed]

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