You know the old joke that AC/DC might as well have just one song? New Hampshire woman Joyce Coffee would probably be okay with that, with Australia’s reporting today that she was arrested a whopping 4 times in 26 hours for blasting “Highway to Hell.”

DISCLAIMER: She also reportedly threw a frying pan at her nephew for some reason.

The story goes that she was first issued a warning by police before the first arrest an hour later. Five hours after that, the cops were called again. Not long after that, a third arrest. The fourth and final straw came when her nephew said she tossed a frying pan at him when he was trying to leave the house with some of his stuff. Presumably because he, like everyone else in the neighbourhood, couldn’t take the song anymore.

Before you call shenanigans, because how could she be arrested, processed and released so quickly in so short of a period, look up for her mugshots. Even she was laughing by the fourth arrest.

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