After countless regrettable tattoos, a limitless supply of novelty t-shirts, and millions of annoying people justifying their stupidity with just four letters, it might be finally time to put the final nail in the coffin on YOLO. What started as hip-hop’s equivalent to carpe diem, quickly turned into one of the most annoying pop-culture phenomenons in recent memory.

It is indeed true that you only live once, and unfortunately for the YOLO diehards out there, the lifespan of a goofy catch-phrase is pretty short these days. Here are five signs that it’s time to rid YOLO from the vernacular.

1. Katie Couric is running a contest called “What’s Your Yolo?”

Yep, Katie Couric is using YOLO as a noun. It’s officially time to search through your Twitter-feed, and delete any old tweets containing the dreaded acronym.

2. Even Drake, the Godfather of YOLO, has disowned it

Drake describes it as an “epidemic.” Drizzy and Rick Ross originally had plans to release a collaborative E.P. with the title Y.O.L.O., but even Drake admits that he might have to rename it now.

3. An aspiring rapper tweeted about driving drunk, said YOLO, and died in a car crash minutes later

It’s the YOLO curse. The cliché that must not be named.

4. GIF topped YOLO as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year

Can we not have our cake and eat it too?

5. Smartphones have spoken

So we’re in agreement, right? I hereby banish YOLO from public speech.

That was fun. Can we banish “Gangnam Style” next?

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