For the second time in as many months an A$AP Rocky show in Toronto was cancelled last minute under some pretty shady circumstances.

Last night, Rocky & co. were set to make-up an October gig at the Sound Academy when police were sent scrambling to the venue. Fans knew something was up when the clock struck 8 and the doors hadn’t opened yet, but even venue staff were left in the dark initially. With reports that the crowd was getting rowdy, aggressive and frustrated—perhaps rightly so—rumours began to fly. First, that someone had been shot and later that there had been a bomb threat, the latter of which was confirmed when K-9 units went into sweep the building.

While we can’t confirm the legitimacy of the threat in terms of whether or not there was an actual bomb, A$AP Rocky at least confirmed the threat itself on Twitter once the show had been officially axed.

Understandably frustrated, Rocky tweeted about the hassle of getting over the border only to have something as insane as this happen.

Then, after a quick bit of begging for some “loud” and some “lean,” he seemed to pool his losses and call it a night.

You’ve got to wonder how something like this happens. The call was reportedly traced and investigated, but at least provided a threat real enough to warrant cancelling the gig—sources suggest the bomb threat wasn’t the only one.

The entire incident has us questioning who he pissed off this time. Is this more to do with his curious beef with SpaceGhostPurrp? It’s unknown. But this time, the only losers are the droves of Torontonian fans that were left cold and curious outside the sold out show. Again.

At this time there’s no word on whether the show will be rescheduled for a third time. It’s not likely, though.

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