Chris Brown was spotted out earlier this month wearing this jacket, a monstrosity featuring all of his favourite bands. Sure, we’re late to notice, but only because we couldn’t care less, but when Metal Sucks pointed out this spiked leather monstrosity we couldn’t help but laugh. Here’s why.

First, the Exploited patch on the chest. After seeing this jacket, even they would argue that punk is dead.

The jacket was made by DNA Fasion, a company that seems to survive on its own messy interpretation of street punk style. The one Brown wore isn’t on their site, but similar styles are running for around $5000. Their website sells DIY kits: for $30 you can nab the beginner tool kit, for $95 the deluxe.

Since everybody loves math, let’s look into this. A site like Interpunk sells band patches for about $3-4 a piece. For about $50, you can buy 100 screw in spikes like the ones all over Brown’s jacket. If you want to spend less, pyramid squares run $12.50 per-100.

As for the jacket, you can get a brand new Schott Perfecto, the iconic style made famous first by Brandon, Dean et all and later by bikers and punks, for $630. Used, similar styles are way cheaper.

Add it together and here’s where we’re at: $20 in patches, $150 in studs and spikes and $630 for a jacket. Even if you buy the deluxe kit, which is basically just studs and a shitty wooden hammer, you’re still spending less than $900.

Basically, this means Chris Brown spent a ton of extra money to look like a total goof, something he’s been pulling off for free for as long as he’s been around. Sure, what DNA fashions is doing is offensive to anyone who grew up in the culture they’re profiting off (this hoodie looksl ike something I made in the 8th grade), but we’ve got to hand it to them for so clearly fleecing someone as clueless as Brown.

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