Because Frank Zappa worked with no small number of incredibly musicians before his untimely death in 1993, there’s a nearly infinite demand for releases of his live shows. Among the most famous is his three day residency in 1973 at The Roxy in Hollywood, California. Footage has been teased in a trailer (that’s it up top) and it’s known that the gigs were shot with multiple cameras, but Frank’s widow Gail says it’s going to cost one million dollars to get the DVDs done… and that’s not even the crazy part.

To get the money, Gail is selling $1000 licenses to fans who, according to the press release, “have always dreamt of being a music mogul.”

Zappa Records is looking for 1,000 applicants to sign up as “Official Independent Distributors” of The Roxy soundtrack. Called Roxy By Proxy, the label says you can make as many copies of the record as you can distribute, and that all the profits outside of publishing fees are yours.

If you’re wondering, yes, this is fucking insane. And not in that crazy, creative Frank Zappa way. With this plan, Gail Zappa’s essentially turned her dad’s holy grail into a half-hearted pyramid scheme. How a concert shot and recorded in 1973 can cost one million dollars to get done we’ll never know, ditto that for how the powers that be settled on this being the way to get the money. News of this fiasco comes from Glide Magazine, who seem as confused as us by it. Curious investors can head here to find out more about the scam scheme.

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