It was a goddamn shame when Hydra Heads Records announced it was closing up shop back in September but the struggle isn’t over yet for Aaron Turner et al. On Tuesday, the label wrote a lengthy blog post asking for some help, because while they can’t afford to release new music in the future, they’d at least like to preserve what’s already out there. But to do it, they’re going to need some help.

“In order to do this we’re asking for help from anyone and everyone that would like to see the label continue and who is willing to support us in this effort,” reads the post. “This is not however a request for charity – we would like to offer something in exchange for whatever level of funding our potential benefactors (that is you), are willing to bestow upon us.”

Mirroring a Kickstarter campaign (without the usual endgame and requisite seediness), the label is offering a tiered variety of swag for your contributions. You can grab stickers, buttons and Mystery Promo Bags for under $10, but there are some pretty solid options for anyone willing to dish out some serious cash.

Somebody’s already bought Aaron Turner’s Mesa Boogie pre-amp and 1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard ($1700), which he used to record landmark Isis album Oceanic, but would-be ballers can still dish out $3300 for the label’s entire collection (all of which are either first presses or coloured vinyl.

The coolest option however has to be the Hydra Heads Records Office Spree & Disneyland Vacation package. For $10,000, fans in the US will be given travel and accommodations to Disneyland, where they’ll hang out with label staff after visiting the Hydra Head offices, where they can “take whatever they can carry” in a single load. It’s open to international bidders, too, they’ll just have to get themselves to the US first.

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