When she married John Lennon in 1969, Yoko Ono apparently gave him a series of clothing sketches as a gift, each of which was designed to accentuate—and this is a quote—his “hot bod, and now nearly five decades later, New York’s Opening Ceremony has made the sketches a reality. It’s no secret that she’s completely batshit insane, but if you think she’s crazy now, imagine how she was in the late 60s at the peak of psychedelic post-modern gobbledygook. God help us all.

Maybe we just don’t “get it,” but to us it seems a little insane to pay $335US for a pair of trousers with a gigantic hand on the crotch. Crazy enough, the pants are some of the saner items in the line, which is cleverly titled Yoko Ono Fashions for Men 1969-2012.

There’s the Lightbulb Bra, a bandeau for men with LED lights (that are placed like nipples) on the front and, thankfully, an adjustable hook closure. One size fits most for only $250.

Or what about the Butt Hoodie or the Printed Eye Knee Pads, both of which are exactly what they sound like and run for $75 and $55.

The collection also includes thigh-high toeless boots, a $200 jock strap and trousers with either the thighs or ass cut out. [via AV Club]

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