At the end of each week, #Top40Tweets lists a cross-section of artists on the current pop charts and puts their tweets on display (along with their current chart number) for your enjoyment/scrutiny. This week, we look at 5 artists on the Billboard Music Charts.

#2: Ke$ha – Die Young

If you neeeded more proof that Ke$ha might be the most annoying human on the planet to hang out with, here’s a video of her sprinkling grated cheese on a radio DJ’s head.


#13: Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat

Since you’re crossing the border, do you think you could pick me up some cheap smokes and a bottle of bourbon? Duty’s a real killer. You get it. Thanks, Biebs.

FUN FACT: Justin’s got a show in Toronto on Saturday, and tickets are being scalped on Stub Hub for as much as $4.229.99.

#1: Rihanna – Diamonds

Benny Blanco co-produced Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” an excellent song, which gives him complete license to make fun of Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” an utterly terrible song.

FUN FACT: Benny’s tweet is referring to a drunken kerfuffle between Lohan and another woman at a New York City night club. After attending a Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Gardens, LOhan allegedly assaulted another patron, and was arrested. In the video below, you can hear Lohan say “Are you kidding me?” It’s safe to say that Lindsay’s real-life antics are far more entertainment than any moment in Liz & Dick.

(Uncharted): Azealia Banks – Atlantis

Who wants to tell Azealia that there won’t be an election next year?

FUN FACT: Lady O DOES look good on that podium, though.

#98: Wiz Khalifa – Remember You feat. The Weeknd

He doesn’t make the rules, he just enforces them.

FUN FACT: Wiz and Amber say that they’re getting married in “a couple of weeks.” What, no “save the date”?

#80: Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples feat. Wale & Drake

Oh, he SENDS the beats! I think we just figured out what it is that DJ Khaled actually does.

FUN FACT: Look at him in action. That’s pure talent.

(Uncharted) Katy B – Witches’ Brew

Not everyone has the thigh strength to pole dance, Katy B.

FUN FACT: Okay, this Juicy J stripper game is pretty fun. Between this and his stripper name generator, Juicy J has the digital stripper viral novelty app market cornered.

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