The relationship between Bobbi Kristina Brown (daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston) and Nick Gordon was never denied and never a secret.

That’s creepy, and here’s why: he’s her brother.

Not legally, and not by blood, but Gordon and Brown were raised as siblings when Bobby and Whitney unofficially adopted him more than ten years ago. He and Bobbi Kristina became naturally close over the years, with Gordon once taking a weapons charge when he allegedly pulled a gun on one of her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriends. But their relationship took a turn for the weird when Whitney died in February. Less than one month later, Gordon tweeted about their relationship, writing, “Yea we got a little closer and what!!!” later adding that he’s “proved his loyalty to her and the Houston family” and “doesn’t owe [us] anything.”

That revelation gave new meaning to this tweet from Bobbi Kristina posted months earlier:

The two got engaged a few months later. BUT FEAR NOT because the engagement is reportedly off. US Weekly says that pressure and guilt from the Houston family led to the break-up.

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