So, FlyLo is rapping. It’s actually not that much of a big deal but he’s actually found a way to make it into one. My main point here is, nobody ever expected or asked for Flying Lotus to rap. His impressive catalogue so far leaves very little to be desired but he felt it was time to mix it up a bit and grab the mic. This whole Captain Murphy idea is the best way he could have approached doing that and Duality confirms that.

The production is tight. Duh. That’ll happen when an accomplished musician like Flying Lotus gets a hand from a couple of high-calibre producers like Just Blaze and Madlib. The beats seamlessly weave in and out of each other as the Cap’n flexes all them. What would have already been an engaging tape is only amplified by the hilarious super-villain persona of Captain Murphy and also some useful how to start your own cult skits. This project strikes the perfect balance between quirky artistry and unabashed entertainment. FlyLo’s stepping out and expressing himself in an avenue he’s not entirely suited for but has a blast with it and it’s hard not to join him.  Stream and/or download the deluxe edition of Duality below.

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