S-dot. Young Hov. Jazzy. Hova. Jigga. J-Hova. Jiggaman. Regardless of what you normally call him, today you can call him the birthday boy. Jay-Z turned 43 years old today, proving that even when you’re approaching your mid-forties, you can still be effortlessly cool. Even if he kind of still looks like a lanky fourteen-year-old dork who hasn’t grown into his body yet.

As if being married to Beyoncé isn’t enough of a gift itself, we decided to give Jay-Z the gift of moving digital images. We scoured Tumblr and GIFSoup for the finest Jay-Z GIFs the Internet could provide, and here are 43 GIFs for 43 years.

Happy Birthday, Jay-Z!

In case you’re craving for GIFs has not yet been satiated, here are a few more of our patented Birthday GIF installments:

Kanye West
Lil Wayne

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