Sometimes at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon the week before Christmas you remember the Christmas album that Justin Bieber released last year and you get to Googling and you end up finding a lot of Christmas-themed Justin Bieber fan fiction and most of them are named some variation of “Home For Christmas” and you send the summaries to your friends on Gchat and laugh together. Here are some of those. Merry Christmas.

What I love about winter (My Christmas with Justin Bieber)
“Taylor Anderson is Justin Bieber’s long-time girlfriend, who’s going back to Canada with him for Christmas. She’ll visit his family and friends, get to spend time with his mom and most of all…spend a little time with Justin under the mistletoe. Will this be her favourite Christmas yet? Or will a surprise ruin it?”

Home This Christmas: A Justin Bieber Love Story
Justin Bieber comes back to Canada for the holidays. He meets a girl named Amber and falls in love with her. What will he do to get her? Who is Amber and what’s her story?

Home This Christmas
Justin leaves off to a world tour, leaving his girlfriend, Julia behind. He promised her he would be back home before December. But what happens when the tour gets extended? Will he make it home before Christmas? Or will Julia be left alone?

Under The Mistletoe – The Musical ~ A magical tale of love, family, friends, but most of all… Christmas!
Last Christmas, Justin Bieber did one of the biggest mistakes of his life… Breaking Claire Alden’s heart… Now with his new change of heart and through the power of Christmas, Justin is determined to make Claire’s biggest wish come true.

Christmases When You Were Mine
I know this shouldn’t be a lonely time…but there were Christmases when you were mine…

All I Want Is You
I never imagined being alone on Christmas. Believe it or not, I begged her not to divorce me. I don’t care if my kids get me something for Christmas. I never wanted to do this alone. Do you know how much it sucks wrapping twenty presents per kid? She’s here.

Home For Christmas
I was fifteen when he left me.
He’s back… I’m ninteen now.
He’s twenty. & our son is four.

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