From Gs To Gents MTV reality sideshow turned Mad Decent rapper RiFF RAFF always receives a warm welcome while in Canada, and you can really feel the love on the enigma known as Jody Highroller’s tribue to the true north, “AiR CANADA,” even if he gets Nova Scotia’s name wrong.

With lyrics that namecheck “Nava” Scotia, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Tim Horton’s, Poutine, and Drizzy Drake, RiFF RAFF and his Spring Valley, California colleague DollaBillGates rattle off some reasons they love Canada, with RiFF doing his best Krayzie Bone impression overtop of a beat produced by Canadian production duo Vico x Marv. It’s one of the most listenable RiFF RAFF joints we’ve heard since “Jose Canseco.”

As Canadians, we tend to lose our shit any time we’re referenced in American film/television/music, so we’ve jotted down the relevant lyrics, like the good little patriots we are. Watch the video here, and check out the lyrics below:

“Ballin’ so hard, they figured I’d play for Nava Scotia / Ice on my chain, figured I was from Ottawa / Playing so hard, they figured I’d ball for Montreal.” (RiFF RAFF)

“Now I’m in Toronto, in the Tropicana Benz / Winnipeg again, got more ice than Edmonton / Now I’m in Vancouver, on some Grizzly Adams rims.”

“I done blazed a few trails in Portland, Oregon / Now I’m in Canada more than Tim Horton’s.” (RiFF RAFF)

“I got bitches in Toronto that fuck Drizzy Drake.”

“I hope I make it past customs, shit, my whip is custom / Don’t eat no poutine in my coup, my interior’s mustard.” (DollaBillGates)

“Got a bad bitch that live in Quebec / No roaming charges so she hit me with texts.” (DollaBillGates)

“I ain’t even mean to ball like this / I said it’s cold, Saskatoon on my wrist.” (DollaBillGates)

“I got a bitch in Winnipeg I only fuck on Wednesday / Fly her out to California, never seen a Bentley.” (DollaBillGates)

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