YouTube commenters lament the absence of drops and wub-wubs. Click to enlarge.

Earlier today, Skrillex released a brand new three song EP titled Leaving, and the title track from said EP is throwing some of his fans for a loop. Much to their dismay, “Leaving” does not feature the dubstep wobbles and bass drops that these pre-teen bro-step fanatics have come to rely on him for.

The other two songs on the EP (“The Reason” and “Scary Bolly Dub”) lean toward typical derisive Skrillex fare, boasting screaming synth blasts and reggae-infused bass wobbles, but “Leaving” is Sonny Moore’s take on future garage, an ambient EDM sub-genre made popular by South London electronic artist Burial. Listen below:

Some of Skrillex’s fans have embraced this new direction, but more of them have voiced their confusion via Twitter and YouTube comments. Don’t worry, young dubstep fans. Sometimes an artist grows with his or her fanbase. When you’re ninety years old, you’ll look back on hardcore bro-step with a rabid nostalgia, but for now, take a cue from Skrillex and embrace these chillstep vibes.

Or, if you’re totally stubborn, or you could use AUX’s Dubstep Machine to drop the bass on top of “Leaving.” Just saying.

Check out the anger and confusion below. If you’re into it, download Skrillex’s new EP Leaving here.

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