At the end of each week, #Top40Tweets lists a cross-section of artists on the current pop charts and puts their tweets on display (along with their current chart number) for your enjoyment/scrutiny. This week, we look at 5 artists on the Billboard Music Charts.

#45 (R&B/Hip-Hop Songs): Wiz Khalifa – It’s Nothing feat. 2 Chainz

I bet Ludacris is the coolest dad.


FUN FACT: Amber Rose’s due date is scheduled for February 25th, but it’s safe to say that Wiz is crossing his fingers for a late birth on April 20th. WEED JOKE! 420 SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU GOT ‘EM.

#82: Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples feat. Wale & Drake

You mean the Police Academy?

FUN FACT: On New Year’s Day, Rick Ross announced that he’d be releasing a new LP. Let’s hope he spent a bit more time on it than The Black Bar Mitzvah.

#20 (R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay): Trey Songz – Dive In

Is “heaux” just a classy way to spell “ho”? How very rachèt.

FUN FACT: Trey Songz makes his feature film acting debut in Texas Chainsaw 3D, which is in theaters now. Do you think he dies first? Nah, I’m sure a movie called Texas Chainsaw 3D defies horror movie cliches.

(Uncharted): Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go

Mike Posner, you are such a sensitive frat boy. All this modern jam rock is making you feel too many feelings. Toss on a crisp Abercrombie tee, and let’s do some keg stands, bro!

FUN FACT: Musicians reacted differently to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Some artists, like Mike Posner, chose to write a song about it.

Other artists had a different approach, like Maybach Music emcee Gunplay. Though his tweets on the issue were promptly deleted afterwards, Gunplay posted these tweets on December 20th:

“Government killed dem kids to take our guns away. Another 9/11. Dont get it twisted.”

“Yall are sheeple 4 thinking da government aint gotta hand in every crisis since the great depression.”

That should be taken with a grain of salt, considering Gunplay also has a swastika tattoo on the back of his neck. He explained that it’s his “symbol of genocide to the bullshit,” and that he “came to Nazi that shit” and “Hitler that motherfucker,” aiming to “put all the fake motherfuckers in the gas chamber.”


(Uncharted): Odd Future – Oldie

Tyler has clearly never had his DeviantArt portfolio flamed. :(


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