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Vancouver’s Cityreal (aka Remi Huot) released his latest album Good Morning Blues recently, and AUX has the premiere of new video “Nightlife,” a collaboration with Vancouver blues artist Wes Mackey.

Cityreal took a trip to the oil sands in Fort McMurray for the clip. “Nightlife is about how our bad habits can negatively affect our lives in the long term,” he said in a statement. “In the past year, I was very much drawn into the controversy over the proposal of the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would be an environmental nightmare in my home province of BC. This proposal would see massive oil tankers and destructive pipelines pass through BC from the Alberta Oil Sands. The idea that Canada is allowing, and in fact encouraging the rapid development of such a harmful energy resource, at such a risk, was something I wanted to address through this video.”

Helicopter footage was provided by Greenpeace.

“Being in Fort McMurray was an extremely eye-opening experience,” Cityreal says. “Several of the individual Oil Sands facilities are bigger than the actual town itself. Massive smoke stacks creating actual clouds, huge flames shooting up from never ending refineries, and cannons going off to prevent birds from landing in toxic lakes – it kind of felt like I was on bad drugs at times when we were up

Watch the video for “Nightlife” above.

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