I once ruined Metallica for a friend after pointing out that singer James Hetfield often punctuates his lyrics with an uninvited “HUAH” or “AH,” but more than that he’s become known over the past 30-years for his proficient use of the word “YEAH!” (Relevant: here’s the James Hetfield soundboard we shared late last year).

Now, thanks to Kevin Conklin, there’s this: a 3 minute, fourteen second compilation that Conklin claims includes every “YEAH” of Hetfield’s lengthy career. We can’t verify that claim, but we can highly recommend it—even if it isn’t the first of its kind—to anyone who liked our Waka Flocka Flame or Chad Kroeger mega-mixes.

This of course isn’t the only time someone’s done a mix like this. Here’s a 5-minute one from earlier this year:

And here’s a 10-minute loop of the “Enter Sandman” “YEAH YEAH!”

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