Boats CMW Interview

Who: Boats
From: Winnipeg, MB

AUX: What are you most looking forward to while in Toronto?

Boats: Seeing the friends that have given up on Winnipeg.

Is there anything/anyone you’re looking forward to seeing or adamant about avoiding at CMW?

We are only in town on Friday and Saturday so we will miss a pretty big chunk of the festival. The sad thing about it is when we do these festivals we usually just end up seeing our friends’ bands instead of expanding our horizons. So we will probably go see Imaginary Cities.

What’s the best and worst thing about a festival like CMW? Does it compare to others you’ve played or attended?

The pure volume of bands can be pretty overwhelming. I think we need a consultant on what we should be seeing.

What’s your favourite Toronto band and why?

The Born Ruffians are a band favorite. That’s tough because there are so many good ones. The Bicycles, Fucked Up, Metz, Rock Plaza Central…

Tell us why your show is the show everyone should make sure to see.

We will be playing the best music.

What else are you up to that we should know about?

We just made a new video, we are in the middle of a stupidly long tour, and we are planning a UK tour for May. Also you should know that I wrote this during a SXSW hangover.

Boats play Saturday at 12:00 a.m. Rancho Relaxo.

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