What happens in Minneapolis doesn’t stay in Minneapolis, apparently. While performing at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis last Friday night, Danny Brown received oral sex while performing on stage. Within minutes, the news was all over Twitter, and an eyewitness account was posted to the popular HipHopHeads subreddit.

According to Reddit user blackmags123, on the third stop of his Old & Reckless tour with Kitty (Pryde), Danny Brown was “having random girls touch his dick through his pants” all night, and after one female concert-goer in the front row flashed him, he grabbed her breasts, pulled up his shirt, and she started performing oral sex on him. Reddit user zombiehipster noted that Danny seemed “pretty fucked up” that night, and the only impressive thing about it was that he “kept rapping during the entire sucking ordeal.” If the morbid curiosity is too much for you, someone in the crowd took a (NSFW) photo and uploaded it to imgur. Fair warning: it’s not that graphic, but it’s still kind of gross and weird.

It wasn’t long before Danny confirmed the Reddit buzz on Twitter, retweeting a series of eyewitness accounts, which you can see on his timeline currently. He even added a hashtag reading “#ThisIsTrue” to one tweet, and though it was deleted shortly thereafter, someone grabbed a screencap:


image via imgur

Danny’s pal Kendrick Lamar also caught wind of his on-stage encounter, asking if was true, and Danny confirmed, claiming that he “didn’t miss one bar bruh bruh.” Danny’s reply has since been deleted, but this website saved a cache of the tweet.

You say no to ratchet head, Danny Brown can’t. We’re big fans of Danny Brown’s music here at AUX, but there’s no rapper dead or alive that we like enough to make us actually want to witness a display like that. Thankfully, the show was 18+, but there’s no denying the fact that some portion of Danny Brown’s relatively young fanbase now think it’s impossible to get fully TURNT UP without sucking dick. But before we get too admonishing, let’s recall what Ice Cube taught us: rappers are not role models.

And to be fair, this is far from the first time a sex act has taken place on a concert stage. Gibby from the Butthole Surfers had sex on stage with a dancer covered in gold paint while he was high on acid. Since blowjobs are one of 2 Live Crew’s favourite topics, they would incorporate it into their live show regularly. Also, have you ever been to a Rammstein show? Shit’s wild.

Can the gap-toothed wonder find a way to top these antics on the remainder of the tour? He’ll certainly try.

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