We’re not trying to be filthy when we say Bill Clinton is a convincing man, but he reportedly had what might be his (second) biggest failure with his failed attempt to reunite Led Zeppelin.

It was no easy task, what with the iconic rock band having eschewed reunions aside from a brief one-off in 2007, but Clinton reportedly made an almost attempt at it earlier this year when he asked the band to reunite for the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert.

News of this comes from a recent webcast of 60 Minute Overtime, which the Globe and Mail also says revelead Clinton was asked by film-guy Harvey Weinstein and Robin Hood Foundation executive David Saltzman to make the case to get the Led out. They apparently flew to Washington (from New York, if we’re guessing) to see if he’d do it. He did; they didn’t. Not that the benefit didn’t go swimmingly regardless.

Everyone from Bruce Springsteen, the Who and the Rolling Stones to Alicia Keys and Kanye West came together for the December 12th benefit concert, which the Robin Hood Foundation says raised more than $30 million off ticket sales alone.

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