When he’s not rocking cruise ships or clamoring for the perfect pop song, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo is apparently quietly releasing albums in other languages. At least that’s the case with Scott & Rivers, a collaboration with Allister’s Scott Rivers featuring songs sun entirely in Japanese.

The album’s been out since March 20th and its first single was posted back in December of last year, but somehow it’s managed to slip under the radar until now.

The idea came about through mutual appreciation of Japanese culture, something Cuomo fell in love with when he married a Japanese woman in 1997, eventually learning the language to better communicate with her side of the family. Murphy meanwhile took to the culture when he toured the country in 2001, learning to speak Japanese by his band’s next trip to the country.

According to a Japanese article cited on Wikipedia, the two have been working on songs for the project since 2009. [via The Daily Swarm]

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