Although many might argue that it’s in a dumpster, pop-country has its place in the world. Not only is it one of the best selling forms of music on the planet, but it often gives us hilarious stories like this one.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, a Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday led to as many as 150 injuries and 73 arrests after the show quickly devolved into a handful of brawls and barf-sessions.

Not that it’s a surprise. Chesney, or his fans, have the reputation of being light-beer swilling goons, with the divinding line between fans separating tweens in cowboy hats and Natty Ice swilling fat frat dudes with their shirts off. We’re assuming it’s the latter side of this that led to police reportedly having second guesses over even working the event.

Venue spokes-people say that only a small fraction of the crowd acted out, and while 73 arrests is a lot, it’s worth mentioning that the crowd was closer to 50,000. Still, one local resident says they left one hell of a mess.

“It smells horrible, you can smell the beer and the urine. They cleaned up the trash, but they should have run the street sweeper through here, it’s horrible,” she said.

If you’re so inclined, that’s footage of one of the brawls below. Be sure to note the general lack of sleeves among the aggressors.

Your move, Darwin.

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