As part of Viacom’s O Music Awards, self-appointed Ambassador of Partying Andrew W.K. will attempt to play the world’s longest drum solo in a retail space. How long is that exactly? 24 hours. (They had to add the “in a retail space” bit, because the world’s longest drum solo outside of a retail space lasted 121 hours, miraculously.)

Andrew W.K. will be joined by other percussion enthusiasts during the 24-hour session, including the Roots bandleader and drumming legend Questlove. The record-setting event has become a bit of a tradition for the O Music Awards — previously, The Flaming Lips set the world record for most multi-city shows played in 24 hours, and Chiddy of Chiddy Bang set the record for the longest ever freestyle rap.

To prepare for the skin-slapping marathon, Andrew W.K. has been practicing air drumming with weights. He told the Hollywood Reporter that he’d “rather be over-prepared.” He’ll start drumming at roughly 7pm on Wednesday night, and continue with the help and support of a slew of unannounced special guests.

The O Music Awards will be streamed live here on Wednesday evening, and you’ll be able to catch some of Mr. W.K.’s record attempt as part of 24 straight hours of awards show programming.

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