We know what you’re thinking, but no, that’s not former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa. It’s Marvin Gaye III. Yes, that Marvin Gaye.

No, not this Marvin Gaye. His son.

Like his daddy before him, Marvin’s a singer. Unlike his daddy before him, he’s atrociously bad at it. But lucky for us, he’s going for it anyway, and earlier this month he released his new single, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” featuring someone named D’Extra Wiley. We can neither confirm nor deny whether he is named after a barbecue sauce.

A generic Roxbury-esque head bobber, the song itself is unspectacularly bad, but paired with its cheesy-bread video “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” is a treat for the ages. Don’t believe us? that’s what the GIFs are for.

Take this, for instance. Dude is pantomime hitting on a girl while standing in front of a wall consisting entirely of his dead father’s portrait. Weiiiiiiiiiird.


Nice hat…


He obviously didn’t inherit his dad’s quiet coolness…


Fist pump!


This probably isn’t the reaction you want after a kiss


And then this entire sequence.


The crazy thing is, this is Marvin’s wife, Wendy, and yet the chemistry? It’s not there. Oh well. Good for Marvin, who’s managed to amass more than 4,000 views of this masterpiece since it was uploaded on June 5th. Clearly his dad’s legacy hasn’t gone to waste.

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