Vektor frontman David DiSanto was arrested last weekend in Memphis for tossing a beer in a belligerent Christian protester’s face, leading to lots of hoo-rahs from the metal community and scoffs from pretty much everyone else. But after spending a few days in jail and a few days to himself, DiSanto’s come out on Facebook to put everything in perspective, his key point being that the incident isn’t something he’s super proud of, even if he was standing up for his own values.

I’m not some meathead or asshole who would pick on someone for their beliefs. I don’t give a shit what anyone’s personal beliefs are (unless their beliefs include hatred towards a specific gender, race, or sexual orientation – those people are assholes). What the protester was doing wasn’t right – but now that I look back on it, what I did wasn’t right either. I do believe that people have the right to protest, but I guess I draw the line when it borders on insanity. People who show up at a public gathering spouting their extremist beliefs would better serve society in a mental institution.

What I learned from this was that nobody should try to spread their message by antagonizing other people. I didn’t change his mind, and he didn’t change mine. Vektor has always been about spreading the truth of science, the errors of mankind, and thinking for yourself. Organized religion doesn’t always mesh with what we stand for. In a way, I hope that this at least gets people thinking about the problem we have with communicating with each other.

He goes onto say that being in jail “fucking sucks, especially when you’re the only longhair in the joint.” Details surrounding the incident are scarce, but it’s believed that DiSanto threw his beer, as in the liquid, at the protester, rather than the can, glass or bottle from which he was drinking it. The case against him was dropped in its entirety.

Read his entire statement at Vektor’s Facebook page. [via MetalSucks]

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