Deltron 3030 have been promising a follow-up to their iconic self-titled debut since its release 13 years ago, and come this October, Event II will finally be released. And when it is, fans might be shocked by its insane list of guest contributors.

While there’s a laundry list of musicians helping out, like Mike Patton, Zach de la Rocha, The Lonely Island, Damon Albarn and more, the real catch is the rest of the list.

The album promises to be highly cinematic, with a new trailer (below) teasing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s narration on the opening track. Helping him out throughout the 16 track album are actors like Amber Tamblyn and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Chef David Chang is on a song, and comedian David Cross guests on two.

Regardless of how Event II turns out, it’s looking ridiculous. Whether that’s a good thing or not we’ll find out on October 1st. [via Consequence of Sound]

01. Stardate (feat. Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
02. The Return
03. Pay the Price
04. Nobody Can (feat. Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION)
05. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1 (feat. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
06. Melding of the Minds (feat. Zach De La Rocha)
07. The Agony (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
08. Back in the Day (feat. The Lonely Island)
09. Talent Supersedes (feat. Black Rob)
10. Look Across the Sky (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
11. The Future of Food (feat. David Chang)
12. My Only Love (feat. Emily Wells)
13. What Is This Loneliness (feat. Damon Albarn and Casual)
14. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2 (feat.David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
15. City Rising From the Ashes (background vocals by Mike Patton)
16. Do You Remember (feat. Jamie Cullum)

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