korn cornPhoto: Tumblr

What do you think of when you hear of “indoor hydroponics”? The endless debate amongst suburban man-babies about “hydro versus cess”? The entrepreneur section of High Times magazine? The apartment of your high school-era drug dealer—who’s since settled into being the sketchy old guy at parties consisting purely of 17-year-olds—who lives, along with his collection of thriving marijuana plants, in pimped-out condo in Richmond Hill, ON?

That’s what we were thinking, too. But when Korn use the term, they’re talking about something far less illicit—they’re talking about indoor gardening. Y’all: Korn are using indoor hydroponics to grow real, actual corn in their studio. TMZ posted this photo as proof:


Their indoor growing setup is reportedly being used to grow the band fresh vegetables while they record their upcoming album, Paradigm Shift. (Which will see the band reunite with corn-rowed—Korn-rowed?—guitarist Brian “Head” Welch.) As its title suggests, the band,  known for hit-makers such as “A.D.I.D.A.S (All Day I Dream About Sex”) and “Cameltosis,” hinted that there will be tweaks on the band’s signature open-chord chugging and slap bass theatrics.

“I’m a metalhead. I love rock music, and I came here just wanting to do the old Korn vibe, but with a new twist,” bandleader Jonathan Davis told Rolling Stone. No word on what that twist will be, but if that band’s newfound interest in indoor gardening is any indication, we’re hoping to hear songs about knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, and the joys of #catsofinstagram.

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