The Golden Sisters are 73-years-young twins Josie and Teresa and their big sister Mary, 81, and they’ve managed to turn success on YouTube into a show on Oprah’s network. This clip should show why. In it, the Bronx-born trio look at Miley Cyrus’ fascination with twerking.

Here’s our favourite exchange:

Josie: “Would that turn a guy on?”
Mary: “She’s doing all that with no body. How stupid? What a waste.”
Teresa: “Do you think you could twerk?”
Mary: “A lot of shaking going on but I don’t think I can do that…”
Josie: “I think I could qui… twerk.”
Teresa: “I think if I was young I could learn to twerk.”
Josie: “I would definitely be very good at it if I was a teenager, and I practiced, ’cause I practiced the Watusi and I got that.”
Mary: “Listen, you have to have a young ass to do that. Your asses are old.”

But they didn’t let those old asses stop them. Look! You go girls!



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