16 forgotten Canadian hits (part 2!)

by Tyler Munro

August 14, 2013






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We had fun with it the first time around, so we dug a little deeper to round up a second edition of our favourite forgotten hits out of Canada. Like before, we’re trying to find the kinds of songs that dug themselves to the back of your mind, and for most that means avoiding things like B4-4, Len and The Moffats. That said, even we couldn’t resist Ricky J. Truth be told, he was the inspiration for the first list, but an oversight left him off. Not this time, Ricky. Not this time.

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Ricky J – “No Means No”

This remarkably self-aware video is the antithesis to Robin Thicke’s “cool guy” misogyny. It works because it has fun with itself, something video-Ricky J probably knows well.

Jelleestone – “Money Can’t Buy Me Happiness”

Canada’s answer to Petey Pablo, Jelleestone, repped Rexdale in a big way with this, his first and only hit. Does anybody know where I can get one of those shirts?

Massari – “Be Easy”

Has a beard ever been this thin? It looks like he dotted it in with a pen.

Baby Blue Sound Crew – “Money Jane”

Where were these guys at OVO Fest 2013? Drake should be ashamed.

Tuuli – “It’s Over”

Think the director of this video liked Josie and the Pussycats just a little bit?

Glenn Lewis – “Don’t You Forget It”

Try not to nod your head to this. You can’t. Glenn Lewis was one smoooooooth dude. Probably still is, too.

Love Inc. – “Broken Bones”

Plenty of people remember “Superstar,” sure, but “Broken Bones” was a straight up banger when it came out. Also, Chris Sheppard’s hair. I don’t have a comment to make about it or anything but like, look! Ha!

Fefe Dobson – “Bye Bye Boyfriend”

Fefe still has a decent following now that she’s all grown up, but this is her one song that for a brief period dominated the MuchMusic videoflow.

Custom – “Hey Mister”

This song gave me the willies even before I saw the video. Here we have a dude following a girl, scoping out her whale-tail and singing about how she’s “not a tramp” and that she “likes to get her fuck on.” And if that wasn’t creepy enough, there’s what sounds like a children’s choir after one of the last hooks. Is this supposed to be charming?

j. englishman – “More”

Just ten years ago people loved videos that showed other people logging into the internet.

The Philosopher Kings – “Hurts to Love You”

The second single off the band’s second album, “Hurts To Love You” made it as high as #8 on the Canadian charts. Its groove, meanwhile, still holds the top spot in our hearts. This is proto-Maroon 5, only with a singer that can actually, y’know… sing.

BrassMunk – “BIG”

Straight out of Scarborough comes a tightlocked beat and a fun-filled video complete with warped perspective and baggy tracksuits. 2003, everybody!

Sabrina Paris – “Look At Us Now”

Sabrina’s voice with these effects made her sound as much like a Rugrats character as it did a bloop-sound from Super Mario Brothers, but in 2000 people ate this stuff up.

Pilate – “Into Your Hideout”

This song was huge. Then they changed their name to Pilot Speed and kind of… drifted away.

Brattt Pack – “Carousel”

13 years later, I still can’t tell if this is a joke or not. The way the video has aged has not helped. As bad as the hair gel and outfits are, it’s the goofy drunk-dad dancing that takes the cake.

Not By Choice – “Standing All Alone”

This song gets inexplicably stuck in my head about once a month, so while not technically forgotten, I still struggle to remember who sang it.

Check out part 1 of this list here.

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