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We know what you’re thinking—Justin Bieber had a selfie app? I hadn’t heard of Shots of Me until today, but chalked that up to my not being a 16-year-old girl. Turns out I hadn’t heard of it because it’s been a pretty monumental failure.

The idea wasn’t a bad one. The app was only able to access your front camera, meaning you could really only use it to take pictures of your face. Developed by noted Brony Steve Streza, the app worked on the premise that the Internet would be a better place without trash talk. All of its in-app messaging was direct, which was to make sure “any drama stays private and randos can’t troll you.”

That’s mistake number one.

Mistake number two is that while the app hoped to build off Bieber’s social network superstar status, he continued to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos even after Shots Of Me was released. Valleywag points out that while his first post on the app got more than 80,000 likes, that number’s been steadily slumping since. Compare that to Instagram, where he’s still posting. In the last 12 hours, he’s posted four pictures there: 794,000 likes, 692,000, 785,000 and 819,000. That’s a pretty big difference.

But why this is a failure is the push behind it. Shots of Me was backed not just by Bieber and the Brony, but boxer Floyd Mayweather joined into the mix, too, and in total the app raised more than $2 million in venture backing. As of today, it’s got about 10,000 downloads in the United States on the iOS App Store and another 3-to-4000 in the rest of the world. That makes it the 128th best free app, behind the CanadaPost app and multiple dancing elf games. Even with the Bieber army behind it, Shots of Me has just 341 total ratings and an average of 3.5/5.


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