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When we first told you that a couple pairs of limited edition Drake Air Jordans were going for more than $100,000 on eBay, the reactions varied from “holy shit” to “that can’t be real.” And after catching up with one of the sellers, it turns out both were correct.

Toronto-based photographer Devon Little, one of two people to nab a pair as a giveaway at the Toronto Raptors’ Drake Night, says he wasn’t planning on selling the shoes until a friend told him how much the first pair was going for online. While he calls himself a huge fan of Drake, telling us he listens to Nothing Was the Same daily, the realities of being a broke 22-year-old student with a chance to make a wad of cash too good to ignore. Little put his shoes up for auction and watched bids climb to more than $100,000 throughout the day, and that’s when things got stressful. Devon elaborates:

CTV and the Toronto Star were calling my house asking for interviews. I declined. I stopped for a shawarma and saw myself on the TV shaking hands with Drake. I literally ran home to tell my roommates.

At this point I was very stressed. I didn’t feel comfortable with the shoes in my house, so we took them out of the city and put them in a safe box. Family members were calling me saying they saw me on TV. People I haven’t talked to since high school were messaging me. Even the head of eBay Canada called us and said how lucky I was and that I hit the lottery. He recommended that I start messaging the top bidders to see if they were serious and comfortable with their bid. So I did. No responses, so I started climbing down the ladder and messaging the lower bidders. Still no response.

Drake Jordans
From Devon’s ended auction.

We received messages from all over the world asking us general questions about the shoes and people telling me how lucky I am and all that. Even one message from some guy asking if I could pay off his debt. But still, we didn’t receive any messages from serious bidders. There were a couple bidders early on that I think were real, they basically said, ‘You know that no one will pay you 100k right? I’ll pay you 3-4k for them right now.’ So we started cancelling bids because obviously people were just trolling and wanted to be a part of this thing. It was all hype. The market was never real.

The ‘winning’ bidder [at 20k] just messaged us and said that his account had been hacked and it wasn’t him who placed the bid. We messaged the other girl that was selling the shoes. Her auction ended at 100k, and she has received no payment. So based on those few early bids, I think the real value of the shoes is around $3000-$5000.”

Even as a broke 22-year-old student, Devon says that at this point, he’s not concerned with actually selling the shoes; he’s just happy to have the ordeal over with. “I have a great story to tell that started with a gift from one of the the greatest entertainers in the world. I’m very blessed to have amazing friends and family in my life. I had my 15 minutes of fame, and I hated it.”


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